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Digital Menu
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Let Your Customers Order Food Delivery Online From Your Website


Our Contactless QR Menu

A perfect food and drink ordering tool for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and pubs to provide a safer
and faster customer experience


The Easiest way to share your menu

QR menu enhances the quality of your service without asking for a lot of time. It’s the easiest way to share the menu of your restaurant with minimal communication. Your customers enter into your place, take their seats, and they’ll have the menu in front of them in the form of a QR scanner. All they have to do is scan it on their mobile devices and order their choices with a few taps. We create no fuss of the verbal ordering process that may result in wrong or missing orders.

Digital Menu for Safer and Faster Experience

Shift your waiter’s focus towards providing your customers with the best service rather than investing their energy in scrambling through tables taking orders. Automate the task of ordering with QR codes and reduce the possibility of delayed orders. In times of COVID -19 pandemic, it’s necessary to provide a touchless dining experience to your customers. Traditional menus may promote cross-contamination among the staff and the customers and increase the risk of infection. QR code menu ensures a no-touch, safer, and contactless ordering experience. It keeps both your staff and customers safe.


Take Advance Payments

Don’t just allow customers to order their preferred choices in an easy and convenient way but also make payments in the same manner. With the QR menu, your guests can select the items of their choice from the custom-design menu, add them to the cart, and make the payment. You will receive the order after the payment is done. This allows the customers to know and understand the billing process. It eliminates the chances of any feuds regarding the billing. Also, customers need not wait for waiters or stand in long queues to make the payment.

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